French 1: Friday March 15 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Practice with the verb prendrepp. 200–201 Exs. 30 & 31. Write the prompts and your responses!

[5 minutes] Speaking Practice: Students read and translate to each other responses to Exs. 30–31. CAH checks homework for points during this time.

[15 minutes] Writing Practice: Students write answers to Exs. 30 & 31 on board for comparison and grammar check.

[5 minutes] Verb Drill!
  • Each student thinks of a different French verb.
  • Each student goes to board, writes that verb's infinitive form, then its tunous, and vous forms.
[15 minutes] New Grammar: Commands... a.k.a. The Imperative (l'imperatif: p. 202)
  • In English, if we want to tell someone to do something, whether it's one person or many people, we just say the verb, without any subject or suffix: Eat! Sing! Finish your homework! Do it! Be good!
  • If we want a group to which we belong to do something, we say "Let's" before the verb: Let's go! Let's eat! Let's meet at the park! Let's get out of here!
  • In French, we use different forms of the verb for commands depending on whether we want tuvous, or nous to do something:
  • Who's got to do it
    What we say in French
    English translation
    (one person
    you know well,
    friend or child)
    1. Écoute! 
    2. Regarde!
    3. Finis!
    4. Attends!
    5. Vas! 
    6. Fais les devoirs!
    1. Listen! 
    2. Look!
    3. Finish!
    4. Wait!
    5. Go! 
    6. Do the homework!
    (many people, or
    one person who is
    your boss, elder,
    , etc.)
    1. Écoutez! 
    2. Regardez!
    3. Finissez!
    4. Attendez!
    5. Allez! 
    6. Faites les devoirs!
    1. Listen! 
    2. Look!
    3. Finish!
    4. Wait!
    5. Go! 
    6. Do the homework!
    (us! whatever we're
    doing, we're doing it
    1. Écoutons! 
    2. Regardons!
    3. Finissons!
    4. Attendons!
    5. Allons! 
    6. Faisons les devoirs!
    1. Let's listen! 
    2. Let's look!
    3. Let's finish!
    4. Let's wait!
    5. Let's go! 
    6. Let's do the homework!
  • Students practice saying and writing command forms of the verbs they've put on the board.
  • Do p. 202 Exs. 33 & 34 together.
[30 minutes] Vocabulary 6.2 Review!
  • Going around the room and looking at pp. 196–198, students say a complete sentence using one of the vocab words or phrases. Each student picks another student in the room to give an English equivalent.
  • As time allows, follow up with Q&A and face-to-face drill.
Les Devoirs:
  1. For next time, prepare le théâtre du restaurant—a restaurant skit!
    • Students may work in pairs or trios (no quartets! no quintets! Pas de plus!).
    • One student plays a serveur/serveuse; other plays client/cliente.
    • Skit must include...
      1. greeting
      2. ordering food and beverage (with at least one recommendation from server)
      3. server reading back the orders to make sure he/she has them right
      4. conversation between clients while waiting for meals to arrive (if only one client, then yes, you talk to yourself, making observations about the restaurant, the server, the weather... perhaps pretending to converse with someone you recognize at another table...)
      5. delivery and consumption of meals
      6. handling the check
    • Students perform without scripts or notes!
    • Props are welcome, but not required.
  2. Study for Vocab 6.2 Vocab Quiz (pp. 196–198), which will take place on mardi, le 19 mars! (last quiz grade of 3rd quarter!)
  3. Study for Chapter 6 Grammar Quiz which will take place on jeudi, le 21 mars! (first quiz grade of 4th quarter!) Items the quiz will cover:
    1. p. 188: partitive (de)
    2. p. 190: -ir verbs
    3. p. 200: conjugation of prendre (to take)
    4. p. 202: imperative (giving commands)

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