French 1: Monday March 25 2013 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: Know the meanings and conjugations of these 13 verbs:
  1. dire
  2. interdire (Note that interdire takes de before the verb being forbidden and à before the person being forbidden to do it.)
  3. lire
  4. relire
  5. écrire
  6. décrire
  7. rire
  8. sourire
  9. cuire
  10. produire
  11. conduire
  12. construire
  13. boire
  • Write each of these 13 verbs' conjugations.
  • Write one original sentence using each of these verbs.
[10 minutes] Conjugation Practice! Students write conjugations of these 13 verbs au tableau (CAH checks homework at this time).

[25 minutes] Drill meanings: CAH leads oral drill:
  1. CAH says infinitive, students give meaning.
  2. CAH says subject+conjugated verb, students give meaning.
  3. CAH says full sentence, students translate to English.
[25 minutes] Translation+Conjugation Practice: Students write selected sentences from homework au tableau, translate and correct.
  • Then CAH changes subjects, students re-conjugate verbs.
[30 minutes] Translation Practice! Students translate the following eleven sentences by the end of class with all computers off!
  1. Mr. H. forbids students from playing video games in class.
  2. My teacher says that (que) I should [conjugate devoir!] read some good books.
  3. Mom is cooking some bacon.
  4. Wisconsin produces lots of cheese.
  5. We are driving to Laramie Saturday.
  6. Louis and Angelique are laughing.
  7. Their parents are smiling.
  8. When we proofread our homework, we don't drink coffee.
  9. Claude and Pascal, write to your cousins!
  10. Students, please describe French class.
  11. My grandparents are building a new house.
Les Devoirs: rien à écrire, mais étudiez comme fou pour l'examen de cettes 13 verbes mercredi! Conjuguez et traduisez!

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