French 2: Friday March 22 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: L'histoire d'aventure!
  • Each student writes a short story about an adventure in nature.
  • Minimum ten sentences (and for Pierre's sake, don't write your story in English and then plunk it into Google Translate!)
  • Every sentence must use vocab from Chapter 7 (highlight those words!)
  • Story must be complete and ready to read aloud next class period!
[15 minutes] Small group reading and listening! Students read nature adventure stories aloud in small groups of four. At end of each story, group members ask each other three questions about the story (What did she do? Where did she go? etc.)

[15 minutes] Imperfect Practice: Each student picks two verbs, conjugates each fully in present, passé composé, and imperfective. CAH checks at desk!

[60 minutes] CAH conferences with students on stories; students work on...

...Les Devoirs!

  1. Revise stories, enter this revised text in the appropriate slot on the French 2 Shared Google Doc, and prepare for presentation in front of class.
  2. Write 20 original sentences: ten in past ("somebody did something"), ten in imperfective ("somebody was doing something")
  • Four sentences must use je as the subject.
  • Four sentences must use nous as the subject.
  • Four sentences must use proper names as subjects.
  • Eight sentences must use different nouns/noun phrases (not people's names) as subjects.
  • Every sentence must use a different verb! (I would suggest starting with the Chapter 7 Vocab List on p. 265, using all the verbs there, then working backwards through our other vocab lists!)

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