French 3: Thursday March 14 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Choose your œuvre d'art for Monday's essay; enter title and artist on Shared Google Doc!

[15 minutes] Vocabulary 9.1 Review! Face-to-face drill to prepare for Vocab Quiz 9.1 on Monday.

[25 minutes] New Grammar: Inversion! p. 370
  • Remember that inversion is more formal than an Est-ce que structure.
  • Practice with pp. 370–371 Exs. 9, 10, and 11.
[55 minutes] Work time on essays and preparation for oral quiz over this essay!

Les Devoirs:
  1. For next week Monday, March 18, write a 100-word paragraph (oui, en français!) describing the work of art and explaining why it is important. Submit this text via the Shared Google Doc, in the "Notes" column of the "Famous French Works of Art" table.
  2. For next week Wednesday, March 20 (Bon printemps!), you will talk to CAH about your chosen art work in an oral interview, face-to-face. You'll get five minutes to say everything you can about this work of art. CAH will expect you to recount to him what you say about the artwork in your written paragraph. Naturally, you will undertake this oral interview without any notes.
  3. Study for Vocab Quiz 9.1 Monday, March 18!

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