French 3: Friday March 22 2013 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: rien à écrire, mais vous avez étudié comme fou pour l'examen orale!

[30 minutes] Present Participles!
  • page 372: the rule! Rather like imperfective: use the nous form, drop -ons, add -ant. Then use it as an adjective!
  • Remember: the present participle -ant form is not an excuse to start using it as a conjugated verb with être as a helping verb!
  • This About page is really useful, with lots of examples of how to use the present participle.
  • Practice with pp. 372–373 Exs. 13, 14, 15.
[60 minutes] Oral Quiz! You will talk to CAH about your chosen art work (the paragraph you yourself wrote in French) in an oral interview, face-to-face. You'll get five minutes to say everything you can about this work of art. CAH will expect you to recount to him what you say about the artwork in your written paragraph. Naturally, you will undertake this oral interview without any notes.

Les Devoirs: Write ten sentences in which you say something like you saw or heard your classmates doing something.
  • e.g.: J'ai vu Monsieur Heidelberger vrombissant en vélo. 
  • Write one sentence for each of your classmates, then one about Mr. H!
  • Each sentence must use a different verb as the present participle (i.e., you can't write ten sentences about people mangeant).

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