French 2: Tuesday March 26 2013 Lesson Plans

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  1. Revise stories, enter this revised text in the appropriate slot on the French 2 Shared Google Doc, and prepare for presentation in front of class.
  2. Write 20 original sentences: ten in past ("somebody did something"), ten in imperfective ("somebody was doing something")
  • Four sentences must use je as the subject.
  • Four sentences must use nous as the subject.
  • Four sentences must use proper names as subjects.
  • Eight sentences must use different nouns/noun phrases (not people's names) as subjects.
  • Every sentence must use a different verb! (I would suggest starting with the Chapter 7 Vocab List on p. 265, using all the verbs there, then working backwards through our other vocab lists!)
[45 minutes] Story presentations!
  • 15 minutes prep: students find friends to act out their stories! Listen and practice!
  • 30 minutes: each student reads his her story as narrator; helpers act out what happens.
[25 minutes] Grammar Practice au tableau! Students write select sentences at the board (CAH picks categories).

[20 minutes] Vocab Practice! Face à face!

Les Devoirs: rien! Mais étudiez fort pour les examens:
  1. mardi le 2 avril: Vocab Quiz 7.2 
  2. mardi le 2 avril: Oral Quiz: recite your histoire d'aventure without notes!
  3. jeudi le 4 avril: Grammar Quiz: l'imparfait et le passé composé

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