French 2: Monday March 4 2013 Lesson Plan

Late start: Blocks 2 and 3 shift to Maroon 3 & 4 slots, but run normal 90 minutes!

DUE: rien! Mais étudiez beaucoup et sans cesser pour l'examen de Vocabulaire 9.2! pp. 322–325

[30 minutes] Vocab Quiz 9.2!

[30 minutes] Grammar Practice: dont-qui-que! Traduisez les phrases suivantes:

  1. J'ai raté l'émission que j'adore.
  2. Tu as raté l'émission qui joue à sept heures.
  3. Nous avons raté l'émission dont Jean-Claude a parlé si passionnement.
  4. Vous regardez le feuilleton dont la vedette est français?
  5. Mes amis regardent le feuilleton qui ne m'interesse pas.
  6. Papa a regardé un feuilleton que les enfants détestent.
  7. The news program has a newscaster (m) whom we adore.
  8. The sports program has a host (f) who is red-haired and smart.
  9. The documentary has a host (m) whose elephants are famous.
  10. I listened to a rap artist whose car cost a million euros.
  11. We listened to a blues singer who lives in Louisiana.
  12. Bob found the techno CD that his parents bought in Bordeaux.
[30 minutes] Verb Practice! Present and past tense.
  • Work with past tense forms from pp. 58 and 60, plus reflexive past in Chapter 5!
Les Devoirs: rien! But study for that grammar quiz over dont qui que and present and past tense of verbs! pp. 58, 60, 174, and 314!

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