French 1: Thursday March 7 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE:  Les Devoirs: Write out p. 191, Exs. 16 and 17.
  • In Ex. 17, write the question, then the answer in a complete sentence.
[15 minutes] Practice -ir verb conjugations online!
  • Select "-ir verbs" and "présent".
  • Note that you need to include accent marks on this U. Texas website.
  • Students work individually on this 15-verb exercise.
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
[20 minutes] Grammar/Vocab Review: Share homework sentences aloud. Focus on Ex. 17, questions with original student answers!

[55 minutes] Breakfast Skits!
  • Students in trios prepare brief skits about eating breakfast.
  • Two of the students must each say five lines.
  • Each line must contain at least one vocab word.
  • Third student doesn't have to say anything, but during skit, must hold up a card/paper with each word vocab as it is spoken!
  • Prepare for 40 minutes, present during last 15 minutes of this class period.
  • Each student who misses today should write his/her own skit along these lines and present that text to CAH upon returning to class. Live presentation is optional and contingent on finding willing partner
Les Devoirs: Étudiez comme fou pour l'examen de vocabulaire 6.1
  • Breakfast words pp. 184–185
  • Exprimons-nous pp. 185 & 187
  • Entre copains p. 189
  • -ir verbs p. 190!

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