French 3: Wednesday March 20 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs:
  1. mercredi, le 20 mars: p. 371 Ex. 11. Write out the questions that would logically precede each answer! 
  2. mercredi, le 20 mars: Choose another student's essay, translate it back to English! No need to write down that translation, but be ready to read that other student's essay aloud Wednesday and translate it just by looking at the French text. Indicate which paragraph you choose to translate in the far right column of the Google Doc table; each student must choose a different paragraph!
[15 minutes] Practice Inversion! Put p. 371 Ex. 11 au tableau.

[60 minutes] Practice paragraphs on famous French artworks!
  • Students read paragraphs aloud, translators translate sentence by sentence.
  • Students read aloud in pairs three times, then try reading aloud in front of class without notes!
Les Devoirs: vendredi, le 22 mars: You will talk to CAH about your chosen art work (the paragraph you yourself wrote in French) in an oral interview, face-to-face. You'll get five minutes to say everything you can about this work of art. CAH will expect you to recount to him what you say about the artwork in your written paragraph. Naturally, you will undertake this oral interview without any notes.

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