French 3: Tuesday March 26 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Present Participle Practice! (p. 372) Write ten sentences in which you say something like you saw or heard your classmates doing something.
  • e.g.: J'ai vu Monsieur Heidelberger vrombissant en vélo. 
  • Write one sentence for each of your classmates, then one about Mr. H!
  • Each sentence must use a different verb as the present participle (i.e., you can't write ten sentences about people mangeant).
[40 minutes] Present Participle Practice!
  • "Qu'est-ce qu'il/elle faisait? Que faisait-il? Que faisait-elle?" CAH asks students about each other, students respond with sentences from homework. Trade off, get students to ask about each other about what others were doing.
  • Practice online at Tex's French Grammar!
  • Do p. 373 Ex. 15 on paper: five minutes to write down answers, then two minutes to share answers.
[30 minutes] New Vocabulary 9.2, pp. 378–381 + R21: "On va au spectacle!"
  • We're including the auxiliary words on R21 this time!
  • Écoutez et répétez!
  • Quel spectacle est-ce que tu préfères?
[20 minutes] Finish Oral Quizzes on French Art Work! Madisen, Kenzie, Lacey!

Les Devoirs: Write all vocab words on pp. 378–381 and R21 ("Les arts") four times.

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