French 2: Wednesday March 20 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  1. Write all new vocab words in Exprimons-nous, D'autres mots utiles, et Entre copains on p. 247, 249, and 251 four times.
  2. Write all new vocab words in the pictures on pp. 246–247 three times and draw a picture representing each vocab word next to each vocab word.
[5 minutes] Student Vocab Practice! Students drill each other on vocab words while CAH takes homework scores

[if necessary] [5 minutes] Present remaining camping skits!

[10 minutes] More Vocab Drill! CAH asks, "Qu'est-ce que tu as vu dans la forêt/au lac/à la rivière?" Students respond with "J'ai vu..." and terms from Vocab 7.2!

[10 minutes] Listening Practice: Students listen and respond to spider story (images on p. 248 Ex. 20).

[10 minutes] More vocab practice: Do p. 248 Ex. 21 together.

[20 minutes] Grammar Practice: more imperfect vs. past tense (l'imparfait vs. le passé composé!)
  • Students work in pairs
  • Students pick four verbs from this chapter (see p. 265 for both vocab lists).
  • One student writes four sentences using those verbs in the straight past tense.
  • The other student writes the same four sentences but puts the verb in the imperfect.
  • After all finish, each pair reads a pair of its sentences aloud.
Les Devoirs: L'histoire d'aventure!
  • Each student writes a short story about an adventure in nature.
  • Minimum ten sentences (and for Pierre's sake, don't write your story in English and then plunk it into Google Translate!)
  • Every sentence must use vocab from Chapter 7 (highlight those words!)
  • Story must be complete and ready to read aloud next class period!

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