French 1: Tuesday March 19 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: le théâtre du restaurant—a restaurant skit!—and Vocab Quiz 6.2!

[15 minutes] Present restaurant skits!
  • 5 minutes to prep, then we go to work!
  • Students may work in pairs or trios (no quartets! no quintets! Pas de plus!).
  • One student plays a serveur/serveuse; other plays client/cliente.
  • Skit must include...
    1. greeting
    2. ordering food and beverage (with at least one recommendation from server)
    3. server reading back the orders to make sure he/she has them right
    4. conversation between clients while waiting for meals to arrive (if only one client, then yes, you talk to yourself, making observations about the restaurant, the server, the weather... perhaps pretending to converse with someone you recognize at another table...)
    5. delivery and consumption of meals
    6. handling the check
  • Students perform without scripts or notes!
  • Props are welcome, but not required.
[30 minutes] Vocab Quiz 6.2! pp. 196–198, plus the four prendre verbs!

[45 minutes] Grammar Review for Chapter 6 Grammar Quiz!
  1. p. 188: partitive (de) + p. 192: conjugation of vouloir (to want) + p. 200: conjugation of prendre (to take)—Translate the following sentences:
    1. I'm having some steak.
    2. Do you (singular) want some of the fruit pie?
    3. Jacques is taking some sandwiches.
    4. We want some pizza.
    5. Are you (plural) having fish or pasta?
    6. My friends want bread, jam, and eggs.
  2. p. 190: -ir verbs: each student writes conjugation for one of these verbs: finir, choisir, grossir, grandir, maigrir, réussir
  3. p. 202: imperative (giving commands): Each student picks four verbs with which to complete this chart:
Mange tes légumes!Mangeons de la pizza!Mangez votre bacon!Ne mange pas l'insecte!
verbe 1

verbe 2

verbe 3

verbe 4

Les Devoirs: Nothing to hand in, but study for Chapter 6 Grammar Quiz which will take place on jeudi, le 21 mars! Items the quiz will cover:
  1. p. 188: partitive (de)
  2. p. 190: -ir verbs
  3. p. 200: conjugation of prendre (to take)
  4. p. 202: imperative (giving commands)

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