French 1: Thursday March 21 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! But of course, you have studied like crazy for...

[30 minutes] Chapter 6 Grammar Quiz! Items the quiz will cover:
  1. p. 188: partitive (de)
  2. p. 190: -ir verbs
  3. p. 200: conjugation of prendre (to take)
  4. p. 202: imperative (giving commands)
[40 minutes] New special verb list: -ire verbs!
  1. dire/interdire
  2. lire/relire
  3. écrire/décrire
  4. rire/sourire
  5. cuire/produire
  6. conduire/construire
  7. boire
  • Note that these verbs don't all conjugate the same way!
  • Show conjugations on Smart Board, look for memorable patterns, connections to previous verb forms we've studied.
  • Note that interdire takes de before the verb being forbidden and à before the person being forbidden to do it.
Les Devoirs: 
  1. Write each of these 13 verbs' conjugations.
  2. Write one original sentence using each of these verbs.

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