French 2 Thursday October 4 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  1. pp. 48–49 Exs. 10 & 12 (yes, write complete sentences)
  2. Study for Vocab Quiz 2.1, which happens today!
[25 minutes] Vocab Quiz 2.1!

[30 minutes] Grammar Practice! Indirect Objects and Direct Objects
  1. I'm giving her a book.
  2. I'm watching her.
  3. Are you giving us homework?
  4. You are not listening to us.
  5. Catherine's grandparents are sending her a gift.
  6. Catherine's grandparents love her a lot.
  7. She is sending them a greeting card.
  8. She is sending it with a drawing.
  9. The teacher is giving them cake.
  10. The teacher watches them [the students] carefully.
[20 minutes] New Vocab Practice! Vocab 2.2! Practice pronunciation on pp. 54, 55, 56, and 57

Les Devoirs: Write all new Vocab 2.2 (pp. 54-57, pix, both Exprimons-nous, and Entre copains) quatre fois!

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