French 2: Tuesday October 2 2012

DUE: Translate the following sentences. Et faites attention: you do not have to translate the helping verbs! They are included in the normal French present tense: e.g., "I am reading" translates as "Je lis," not "Je suis* lire*" or some other un-French compounded verb monstrosity!

  1. I'm eating a sandwich. I like it.
  2. Are you eating an ice cream? Do you like it?
  3. That's Bob. Élise is watching him.
  4. That's Élise. Bob is watching her.
  5. We are waiting for y'all.
  6. Are y'all waiting for us?
  7. Where are Bob and Élise? I am waiting for them.
  8. Where are Élise and Émilie? Jean is waiting for them.
  9. My mom loves me.
  10. I love her.
  11. We love you, Sébastien!
  12. Victor loves you, Julienne!
  13. My friends! The teacher is listening to y'all!

[25 minutes] Vocab 2.1 Drill and Skit
  • 5 minutes: students drill each other in pairs or trios on Vocab on pp. 42–45
  • CAH checks homework during this time
  • Then students prepare brief skit revolving around preparing for a party or holiday.
  • Each student must say four lines.
  • Use the vocab!
  • Each team presents in class after ten minutes prep/practice.
[10 minutes] Set up Smart Board Sharing Doc for French 2!

[15 minutes] Review Direct Object Pronouns! p. 46
  • Students enter their sentences from les devoirs on Smart Board Sharing Doc.
  • Highlight all direct object pronouns!
  • Review correct translations.
  • Ask students to reword sentences for different direct objects.
[25 minutes] Indirect Object Pronouns! p. 48
  • Review English grammar: indirect object receives the action: I am baking her a cake!
  • Note same forms as direct object pronouns in first and second person (me, te, nous, vous)
  • Different in third person: lui and leur
  • Order: dictated by form, not function! me-te-nous-vous first, then le-le-l'-les, then lui-leur.
  • Practice with CAH sentences on board.
Les Devoirs:
  1. pp. 48–49 Exs. 10 & 12 (yes, write complete sentences)
  2. Study for Vocab Quiz 2.1, which happens Thursday!

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