French 2: Thursday October 25 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Recipe Skits!
  • Prepare a brief skit in which you and an assistant prepare a meal.
  • Each student must present his her own recipe (en français, bien sûr!) and assist another student in preparing another recipe.
  • Each student must bring at least five clearly labeled (en français, bien sûr!) visual representations of the food items involved in the recipe. Other non-hazardous props are welcome.
  • Present skits in class Thursday!
  • Note to Mrs. Langer: contrary to whatever Tory tells you, students are not required to bring actual foodstuffs for this assignments.
[10 minutes] Practice Oral Quiz Questionspréparez pour l’examen la prochaine fois, mardi, le 30 octobre 

[50 minutes] Les sketchs des recettes! Recipe Skits!
  • When finished, organize pictures of food on shelves as grocery store.
[20 minutes] Grammar Practice: more partitive!
  • Do p. 87 Exs. 9 & 10 in class
Les Devoirs: rien... mais vous avez deux examens à préparer!

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