French 1: Thu/Fri October 4/5 2012 Lesson Plan

  1. p. 47 Ex. 15. As always, write complete sentences.
  2. Study for Vocab Quiz 2.1 (all vocab on pp. 40–42, plus eight words from the Homegrown list)
[25 minutes] Vocab Quiz 2.1!

[30 minutes] Review -er verb conjugation!
  • Students read answers to p. 47 Ex. 15
  • Students drill conjugation on Shared Google Spreadsheet!
  • Students practice translating these sentences on paper in class!
  1. I adore French.
  2. She sings.
  3. Lucas dances.
  4. They are eating.
  5. We hate the homework.
  6. I am drawing.
  7. Are you drawing?
  8. Jean-Claude speaks French.
  9. Rufus and Helga speak English
  10. We are surfing the Internet.
  11. Are you surfing in Hawaii?
[20 minutes] New Vocab Practice! Pronounce all words pp. 52-55

Les Devoirs:
  • Write all vocab terms on pp. 52-55 four times!
  • Practice for Number Quiz! Be ready to say the numbers 1–30; then read five numbers at random from CAH's cards!

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