French 1: Tue/Wed October 9/10 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Write all vocab terms on pp. 52-55 four times!

[15 minutes] Verb Conjugation Practice! Students write on the board their translations of the eleven sentences from last time (everybody does one sentence; repeats will happen!):
  1. I adore French.
  2. She sings.
  3. Lucas dances.
  4. They are eating.
  5. We hate the homework.
  6. I am drawing.
  7. Are you drawing?
  8. Jean-Claude speaks French.
  9. Rufus and Helga speak English.
  10. We are surfing the Internet.
  11. Are you surfing in Hawaii?
  • CAH checks vocab homework during this time.
[5 minutes] New Vocab: Add these words from Homegrown Vocab List!
  • l'amour (m)
  • la maison
  • le sourire
  • la fleur
  • heureux/heureuse vs. triste
  • le déjeuner (le petit déjeuner, le dîner!)
  • CAH will include these words on the Vocab 2.2 Quiz!
[30 minutes] Practice Vocab 2.2
  • CAH leads practice: "Tu aimes...?" Students respond "Oui, j'aime..." or "Non, je n'aime pas...."
  • Include Entre copains!: bouquiner, zapper, tchatcher
  • Drill time phrases: souvent, de temps en temps, rarement, jamais... and add toujours!
  • Student survey! Students circulate, ask others "Tu aimes... régulièrement?" with ref. to some specific activity.
  • Enter data in Google Docs Shared Spreadsheet!
  • Students report their data: Six élèves aiment aller au parc souvent, quatre aiment aller au parc de temps en temps, deux aiment aller au parc rarement, et un n'aime jamais aller au parc."
[20 minutes] Oral Quiz on Numbers 1–30!
  • Each student comes out to the hall individually to recite the numbers 1 through 30 in French to CAH (15 points: half point for each number).
  • Then CAH flips five quasi-random number cards, students must say each number in French (1 point for each number).
While CAH gives oral quiz on numbers, students work on Les Devoirs!
  • Read box on p. 56 explaining Contractions with à.
  • Write pp. 56–57, Exs. 27, 28, and 29. Yes, write complete sentences!
  • Exercise 28: remember to conjugate the verb!

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