French 3: Monday October 29 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Continue Musician Presentations!
  • students pick a French/francophone musician from those featured on the the liste des artistes d'RFI Musique.
  • Students have entered their names and their chosen musician on the French Shared Google Doc.
  • For Wednesday, October 24, each student/pair prepares a seven- to ten-minute presentation on his/her/their chosen artist.
  • Students should speak for at least five minutes of the presentation.
  • If working in a pair, one student must speak exclusively in French, while the other offers English translation.
  • Presentation should include slides with French text only.
  • Presentation should include at least one classroom-appropriate musical clip of the artist (video or audio).
  • Voici la partie difficile: Students may use notes written in French. (In other words, you get no script for your English translation.)
[90 minutes] Students present!

CAH scores these presentations according to the following grid:

present video/audio clip
speak for at least 5 minutes
speak French well
translate reasonably into English

We finished three presentations last time. We will likely finish three or four today, then hear the remainder on Wednesday.

Les Devoirs: Tense Practice! Translate these 15 sentences, paying attention to the proper use of the past, imperfect, and future!
  1. I drove my car to Rapid City.
  2. I was driving my car to Rapid City when I saw the bus.
  3. I will drive my car to Rapid City.
  4. Liselle translated the book.
  5. Liselle was translating the book when she heard the bus.
  6. Liselle will translate the book tomorrow.
  7. We produced excellent presentations.
  8. We were producing excellent presentations when Mr. Morford entered the room.
  9. We will produce excellent presentations.
  10. The Egyptians built (constructed) the Pyramids.
  11. The Egyptians were building the Pyramids when extraterrestrials arrived.
  12. We will build new Pyramids.
  13. Did you roast (cuire!) some beef?
  14. Were you roasting some beef when I called?
  15. Will you roast some beef Saturday?

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