French 2: Monday October 15 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE:  p. 61 Exs. 33 & 34 (yes, of course you write out complete sentences!)

[30 minutes] Vocab Quiz 2.2!

[20 minutes] Practice passé composé with être!
  • Students write sentences from Exs. 33 and 34 on board.
  • CAH checks homework and takes quiz scores at this time.
  • Do Exercise 32 together out loud!
  • Review Exs. 33 & 34.
[30 minutes] Practice avoir and être forms together!
  • Oral Practice: Où est-ce que tu es allé(e) hier? Expand to ask where other people went.
  • Negation: put ne-pas around the helping verb! For example:
    1. Je n'ai pas étudié pour l'examen.
    2. Nous n'avons pas envoyé les invitations.
    3. Marie n'est pas allée à la fête.
    4. Ils ne sont pas morts!
  • Practice changing p. 58 Ex. 28 and p. 61 Ex. 33 to negative past tense.
Les Devoirs: Study for the Chapter 2 Grammar Quiz, which we will take on Friday, and which will cover direct object pronouns (p. 46), indirect object pronouns (p. 48), past tense with avoir (p. 58), and past tense with être (p. 60). Enhance your studying by translating the following sentences (the sentences come in pairs):
  1. I bought a cake.
  2. I am eating it.
  3. Did you send the invitations?
  4. No, I am sending them today.
  5. She watched a movie.
  6. She likes it.
  7. We wrapped a present for Mom.
  8. We are giving her the present today.
  9. Jean and Élise gave some candy to Bob.
  10. They are giving me a bouquet of flowers.
  11. We didn't go to the party.
  12. We stayed at home.
  13. Bob tidied the house.
  14. Mary did not do the dusting.
  15. Louise and Sylvie didn't prepare snacks.
  16. They went to the store and bought pizza.

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