French 3: Tuesday October 16 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Everybody writes vocab phrases pp. 56–59 three times, including Exprimons-nous!

[15 minutes] Kelby and Trevor give France map presentations!

[20 minutes] Vocab Practice: Telephone!
  • First warm up with p. 58 Ex. 23: write out all sentences [5 minutes]
  • Then CAH "calls" each student, they must respond with Vocab 2.2 phrases!
  • Then hand off to students, who call each other and stage brief conversations. 
  • Expect Vocab Quiz 2.2 lundi, le 22 octobre!
[55 minutes] Student work time for three assignments!

Les Devoirs: beaucoup!
  1. Due next time: p. 59 Ex. 24: Rewrite Alexandra's letter as a formal business letter. 
  2. Also due next time: you and a partner (or two!) prepare a phone skit using our vocab phone phrases. Each student should deliver at least five lines.
  3. Due next week Wednesday: Presentation on French Musician!
    • In pairs or individually, students pick a French/francophone musician from those featured on the the liste des artistes d'RFI Musique.
    • By next time (Thursday October 18), students enter their names and their chosen musician on the French Shared Google Doc.
    • For Wednesday, October 24, each student/pair prepares a seven- to ten-minute presentation on his/her/their chosen artist.
    • Students should speak for at least five minutes of the presentation.
    • If working in a pair, one student must speak exclusively in French, while the other offers English translation.
    • Presentation should include slides with French text only.
    • Presentation should include at least one classroom-appropriate musical clip of the artist (video or audio).
    • Students may use notes written in French. (In other words, you get no script for your English translation.)

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