French 1: Thu/Fri October 11-12 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Contractions with à: Write pp. 56–57, Exs. 27, 28, and 29. Yes, write complete sentences!

[5 minutes] Finish Oral Number Quizzes!
  • Maroon 2: Garvin 
  • White 2: Jorgensen, Matson, Owens
  • White 4: Bond, Borbely, Bullock, Burditt M, Butcher, DuFloth, Dunn, Irion, Reman, VanFleet, Vukota
  • While CAH finishes quizzes, students work on...
[30 minutes] Oral Practice: Get-to-Know-You Skits!
  • Students pair up (trio if necessary), prepare skit! Meet, ask "get to know you" questions about what each other likes: "Tu aimes...?" "Oui, j'aime/je n'aime pas...."
  • Use our vocab 2.2 terms in each sentence!
  • CAH checks homework while students rehearse.
  • Students present to class!
[25 minutes] Grammar Practice: Contractions with à
  • Review rules on p. 56
  • Review vocab terms: where do we see contractions?
  • Have students write sentences on board (all three exercises!)
  • Note that accent grave (à)... and note that it disappears in the contractions.
[20 minutes] Vocab/Grammar: Conjunctions: et, mais, ou (p. 58)
  • Note! ou is not !
  • Practice with Exercises 32, 34, 35
Les Devoirs: rien! But study like crazy for Vocab Quiz 2.2 next time!

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