French 1: Fri/Mon October 19/22 2012

DUE: Les Devoirs! Write Vocab List 3.1, pp. 78–80, four times.

[10 minutes] New Vocab Practice!
  • Students travel the room, have brief exchanges with as many students as possible, where they say to each other one of the following sentences:
    • Tu es... [choisis un adjectif!].
    • Les cheveux sont....
    • Les yeux sont....
  • CAH checks homework at this time.
[25 minutes] New Grammar Practice: être! (p. 82)
  • je suisnous sommes
    tu esvous êtes
    il/elle estils/elles sont
  • Practice with p. 82 Exs. 6, 7
  • Then practice with making statements about other people in the room!
[25 minutes] Grammar Practice: Adjective Agreement (p. 84)
  • Highlight rules on p. 84.
  • Mention word order: BAGS (beauty, age, goodness, size) adjectives go before noun; other adjectives go after!
  • Practice together with Exs. 11, 12, 13.
Les Devoirs: p. 83 Ex. 8 & 9; p. 85 Ex. 14

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