French 2: Friday October 19 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! Mais vous avez étudié fort pour...

[30 minutes] Chapter 2 Grammar Quiz! Be ready to translate sentences from English to French, focusing on the correct use of the following grammar points:
  1. Direct Object Pronouns (le, la, les, me, te, nous, vous: p. 46)
  2. Indirect Object Pronouns (lui, leur, me, te, nous, vous: p. 48)
  3. Past tense with avoir (p. 58)
  4. Past tense with être (p. 60)
[35 minutes] Au marché! New Vocab Practice, Chap. 3, pp. 82-83
  • Display various fruits, veggies, and other ingredients from pp. 82-83.
  • "Pour faire une salade/omelette/tarte/un potage, j'ai besoin de...?"
  • "Oui, vous avez besoin de... / Non, vous n'avez pas besoin de...."
  • "Si je veux un potage/une omelette/salade/tarte, j'ai besoin d'acheter...?""Oui, achetez... / Non, n'achetez pas de...."
  • "Oui, vouz pouvez acheter...."
Les Devoirs: Vocab Writing Practice! pp. 82–85 (Don't forget Entre Copains and Exprimons-nous!)
  • Handwrite each of these vocab words three times.
  • Then, on a new page, make at least four columns for categories into which you will place each of the foods in this list. Possible categories:
    1. Dans la salade
    2. Dans le potage
    3. Sur la pizza
    4. Sur le sandwich
    5. Je ne le mange jamias! (I never eat it!)
    6. ...others of your own creation!
  • You may use some nouns more than once.
  • When I check the homework, I expect to see at least 25 items across the columns/categories you make.
Also, start preparing for the Quarter Oral Interview Quiz to be given October 30!

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