French 1: Thu/Mon October 25/29 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: p. 87 Exs. 18 & 20

[30 minutes] Grammar Practice!
  • Students read answers to Exs. 18 & 20 to each other, practice pronunciation, check spelling.
  • CAH checks papers at this time.
  • Students practice new adjectives on Shared Spreadsheet!
[20 minutes] Vocabulary Practice face à face! Students for drill lines, quiz each other on vocabulary words. Remember: Vocab Quiz 3.1 takes place next class!

[40 minutes] Oral Quiz Practice! Students practice Quarter 1 Oral Quiz questions, including practice at asking CAH questions and translating his responses!

Les Devoirs: rien sauf etudier pour l'examen de vocabulaire et l'examen oral!

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