French 1: Tue/Wed October 2-3 2012 Lesson Plan

Note: Wednesday classes short due to 2 p.m. early release!
  • White Block 2: 09:35–10:50
  • White Block 4: 12:50–14:00
  1. p. 43 Ex. 5: write a response to Noémie!
  2. p. 45 Ex. 10: write complete sentences!
[25 minutes] Oral Practice! Read messages to Noémie!
  • First practice in trios reading aloud (CAH checks homework during this time)
  • Then each student reads aloud to class; CAH works on pronunciation
[10 minutes] Vocabulary Practice: CAH drills students on Vocab List 2.1, including the eight words from the Homegrown list!
  • Note masculine/feminine on nouns!
[10 minutes] Definite Article Review!
  • Review p. 45 Ex. 10
  • compare definite and indefinite!
[30 minutes] Practice -er verb conjugation (pp. 46–47)
  • Review -er verb conjugation pattern ("Every French verb has a six-part chart!")
  • Practice together with Exs. 12 and 14
Les Devoirs:
  1. p. 47 Ex. 15. As always, write complete sentences.
  2. Study for Vocab Quiz 2.1 (all vocab on pp. 40–42, plus eight words from the Homegrown list)

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