French 3: Friday October 5 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Translate 15 future tense sentences!

[15 minutes] Students share homework translations on Shared Google Doc!
  • CAH checks homework while students complete Shared Doc
  • Read through final answers together.
[40 minutes] More Student Presentations of French Map-Texts!

[20 minutes] Vocabulary 2.1 Practice!
  • Go over p. 50 on feminine forms
  • Students each say what another student will do for job/profession and why, report to class! (yes, silly as it is, for practice's sake, you must use terms in this vocab list!)
Les Devoirs:
  • Vocab/Gender Practice! pp. 50–51, Exs. 11, 12, 13. Oui, écrivez les phrases complètes!
  • Étudiez/Révisez comme fou pour l'examen de vocabulaire 2.1 mercredi, le 10 octobre!

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