French 3: Friday October 12 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Writing Practice! p. 53 Exs 18 & 19
  1. Ex. 18: Do what the instructions say.
  2. Ex. 19: Interview another student! Get that student's answers to these questions in French!
No presentations today, but Kelby and Trevor will present next time!

[30 minutes] Practice Reading and Writing!
  • First students compare each other's answers in pairs.
  • CAH checks writing homework during this time.
  • Go over answers together.
[10 minutes] conduire and related verbs! p. 52
  • Practice basic conjugation pattern: je conduis, tu conduis, elle, conduit, nous conduisons, vous conduisez, ils conduisent.
  • Note past participle conduit.
  • Note related verbs: produire, traduire, construire.
  • Note -uire roughly correlates to -uce.
  • Oral practice: Où est-ce que tu conduis ce soir?
  • Do p. 52 Ex. 17 together.
[20 minutes]: Une lettre de motivation (p. 57)
  • Read cover letter (letter explaining motivation) aloud, translate together.
  • Note really long closing!
[20 minutes]: Introduce Vocab List 2.2 pp. 56–59: Lisez, écoutez, et répétez!

Les Devoirs:
  1. Kelby and Trevor wrap up presentations Tuesday!
  2. Everybody writes vocab phrases pp. 56–59 three times, including Exprimons-nous!

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