French 2: Tuesday October 23 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Vocab Writing Practice! pp. 82–85 (Don't forget Entre Copains and Exprimons-nous!)
  • Handwrite each of these vocab words three times.
  • Then, on a new page, make at least four columns for categories into which you will place each of the foods in this list. Possible categories:
    1. Dans la salade
    2. Dans le potage
    3. Sur la pizza
    4. Sur le sandwich
    5. Je ne le mange jamias! (I never eat it!)
    6. ...others of your own creation!
  • You may use some nouns more than once.
  • When I check the homework, I expect to see at least 25 items across the columns/categories you make.
[5 minutes] Show students Quarter 1 Oral Interview Quiz practice video; remind students Q1OIQ happens October 30!

[10 minutes] Oral Vocab Practice: Students ask each other questions relevant to Vocab List 3.1:
  • Quel est ton fruit préféré?
  • Quel est ton légume préféré?
  • Tu aimes faire cuire?
CAH checks homework during this time.

[15 minutes] Written Vocab Practice: Students write in class p. 84 Exs. 1 & 2.

[30 minutes] Grammar Practice: The Partitive! p. 86
  • Remember, this is how the French say "some" or "not a specific thing or things."
  • Use du, de la, de l', or des in affirmative sentences.
  • Use just de with no other article in negative sentences saying we don't have any of the thing in question.
  • Practice with pp. 86–87 Ex. 6 (write!) Ex. 7 (listen!), Ex. 8 (write!).
Les Devoirs: Recipe Skits!
  • Prepare a brief skit in which you and an assistant prepare a meal.
  • Each student must present his her own recipe (en français, bien sûr!) and assist another student in preparing another recipe.
  • Each student must bring at least five clearly labeled (en français, bien sûr!) visual representations of the food items involved in the recipe. Other non-hazardous props are welcome.
  • Present skits in class Thursday!
  • Note to Mrs. Langer: contrary to whatever Tory tells you, students are not required to bring actual foodstuffs for this assignments.

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