French 1: Monday April 29 2013 Lesson Plan

10:15 start! Shortened periods

DUE: rien! Mais vous avez étudié comme fou pour...

[30 minutes] Chapter 7 Grammar Quiz! 
  • forms of ce (p. 226)
  • forms of quel (p. 228)
  • past tense (a.k.a. passé composé) for -er, -ir, and -re verbs, plus irregular past participles (p. R27)
[30 minutes] Work on last special verb list! These verbs are mostly derived from our movie subtitle frequency list:


Les Devoirs: Pratiquez les verbes! For each of the 13 verbs in the above list...
  1. write the definition;
  2. write the full six-part present-tense conjugation;
  3. write the full six-part past-tense conjugation. 

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