French 2: Thursday April 4 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! parce que vous avez étudié les pages magiques 58, 60, 174, et 198 sans cesse pour...

[45 minutes] L'examen de grammaire: Imparfait et Passé Composé! (Grammar Quiz: Imperfect and Past Tense)
  • CAH will give you several subject-verb phrases and sentences in English. They will be in the imperfect (was doing/happening) and past tense (did/happened). You'll need to translate them into French, paying close attention to the proper verb tense.
  • Expect examples to include irregular past participles (esp. forms listed on p. 58), past tense forms that take être instead of avoir (see pp. 60 and 174), and the one verb in the entire French language that forms its imperfective irregularly (p. 198).
  • CAH may also throw in a couple present tense forms, just to make sure you are paying attention.
[30 minutes] Introduce new Vocabulary List 10.1!
  • Practice vocab on pp. 346–348, plus country names on p. R21!
  • Students should expect a vocab quiz that, contrary to past practice, will require them to write the French versions of the place names instead of just recognizing the sound of the French names and translating them to English.
[15 minutes] Finish remaining oral quizzes!

Les Devoirs: Write all vocab words, phrases, and place names on pp. 346–348 and country names on p. R21 four times.

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