French 3: Thursday April 4 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Create a show/circus poster!
  • Each poster should be at least 17" x 22" (four standard sheets of paper taped together).
  • Each poster should include at least five vocab words from Vocab List 9.2! 
[10 minutes] Poster Prep! Get ready to make a brief oral presentation based on your poster!

[20 minutes] Spectacle/Circus Poster Presentation!
  • At front of class, announce your show, sell it, make us want to go!
[60 minutes] Online research time for...

Les Devoirs! 
  1. Track down a real poster for a French stage show, circus, concert, or other such spectacle. 
  2. Prepare that poster to display on the SmartBoard.
  3. Prepare one minute of comment (in French!) on said poster.
  4. Be ready to present on Monday
And study for Vocab Quiz 9.2 !

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