French 3: Monday April 22 2013 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: Two things!
  1. Vocab Quiz 7.1! pp. 276–279.
  2. Prepare a TV news report on the disaster/natural phenomenon news report you transcribed and translated!
    • Prepare a slide show that includes at the very least a map (with French labels!) of where the phenomenon happened, plus 60 seconds of you oral reportage (in French) of the event! 
    • No need to memorize; scripts allowed. But do not simply read from the French article you found online; write your own text in French!
[40 minutes] Les Nouvelles de Désastres/Phenomènes Naturels!
  • 10 minutes: Préparez-vous pour les présentations!
  • Each student then presents individually au tableau intelligent!
  • CAH will ask appropriate and challenging follow-up questions.
[30 minutes] Vocab Quiz 7.1!

[20 minutes] Introduce Vocab List 7.2! pp. 288–291 plus R20 (les problèmes de l'environnement)

Les Devoirs: Write all Vocab 7.2 words and phrases (including supplementary list on R20) four times.

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