French 3: Tuesday April 30 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Find a recent (2013!) news article that contains at least three of the terms on Vocab List 7.2/R20-problèmes.

  • Transcribe and translate at least 200 words of that article.
  • Prepare to present that translation in class (read and display the French text, then give the translation, without English notes)!
  • Souvenez-vous: l'examen de vocabulaire 7.2 sera jeudi, le 2 mai!
[45 minutes] Presentations!
  • Students present; CAH scores on pronunciation and completeness of English translation.
[10 minutes] Verb Tense Practice:
  • CAH asks about last night and tomorrow; students respond in past and future!
[25 minutes] Vocab Practice! Face to face, then autour du monde!

Les Devoirs: rien! But study like crazy for Vocab Quiz 7.2

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