French 3: Tuesday April 16 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Write all Vocab 7.1 words and phrases, including Exprimons-nous, four times.

[25 minutes] Oral Vocab Practice!
  • First CAH leads écoutez et répétez (we didn't do this last time!)
  • Then students practice in pairs for five minutes while CAH checks homework.
  • Questions: Quel est pire/plus mal/plus terrible...? Quel phénomène naturel as-tu vu? Que fait ce phénomène?
[25 minutes] Written Vocab Practice!
  • Students write out pp. 278–279 Exs. 1, 2, 3, & 4!
  • Go over answers ensemble
[30 minutes] Reading Practice: Les nouvelles!
Les Devoirs: Reading and translating the news!
  1. Due jeudi: Find one news article in French about a recent (since 1 janvier 2012) natural phenomenon. 
  2. Due jeudi: Put a link to that article on the Shared Google Doc.
  3. Due jeudi: Transcribe (rewrite on a separate sheet) and translate at least the first 200 words of your article. Use the column format: français à gauche, anglais à droite.
  4. Due lundi: Prepare a TV news version of this news report! Prepare a slide show that includes at the very least a map (with French labels!) of where the phenomenon happened, plus 60 seconds of you oral reportage (in French) of the event!

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