French 1: Thursday April 11 2013 Lesson Plan

  1. Do p. 229 Exs. 14 & 15. (As always, write complete sentences!)
  2. Write descriptions of two ideal outfits, two outfits that you like to wear.
    • Each outfit must include five items of clothing from Vocab List 7.1.
    • You must describe each item of clothing with an adjective.
    • Each outfit must go with a different season.
    • Use phrases like Je porte..., je voudrais porter....
[10 minutes] Vocab/Grammar warm-up! Translate the following commands, using imperative forms of porter:
  1. Wear your jeans! (tu)
  2. Wear your suit! (vous)
  3. Let's wear our boots!
  4. Wear your scarf! (tu)
  5. Wear your sunglasses! (vous)
  6. Let's wear our parkas!
  • All students write down translations; then pick six to write translations au tableau.
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
[20 minutes] Oral conversation practice: Students read their outfit sentences aloud; CAH asks questions, students respond.

[20 minutes] Grammar review: interrogative adjectives (quel): Students read p. 229 Exs. 14 & 15 aloud, compare sentences.

[20 minutes] Oral grammar practice with ce and quel:
  • CAH asks Quel/Quelle/Quels/Quelles ___ préfères-tu?
  • Students respond Je préfère ce/cet/cette/ces ____.
  • At halfway mark, switch order! Let students ask me quel.
Les Devoirs: 

  1. Étudiez comme fous pour l'examen de vocabulaire 7.1, pp. 222–225 lundi, le 15 avril!
  2. Then translate the following sentences:
  • Which vest is Mr. H. wearing? 
  • Quel gilet est-ce que Monsieur H. porte? 
  • He's wearing that purple silk vest.
  • Il porte ce gilet en soie violet.
  1. Which blouse do you prefer?
  2. I prefer this white silk blouse.
  3. Which boots do you want?
  4. I want those black leather boots.
  5. Which jacket does Bob like?
  6. Bob likes that blue denim jacket.
  7. Which socks are you wearing to the mountains?
  8. I'm wearing these gray wool socks.
  9. Which shirts do Louis and Frédéric want?
  10. They want those blue linen shirts.
  11. Which sweater are you wearing to the club?
  12. I'm wearing this loose green sweater.
  13. Which pants are you wearing to the party?
  14. I'm wearing those tight black pants.
...and don't use Google Translate. I've already checked; they come out with all sorts of errors that you don't want to make. Use Vocab List 7.1 and your brain.

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