French 2: Thursday April 18 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  1. Study for Vocab Quiz 10.1 (pp. 346–348 + countries on page R21!) jeudi, la prochaine fois! And remember, the quiz section covering the countries will be different from the norm: I will give you a map, and you will have to label the countries from this list in French!
  2. Write 20 original sentences in the future tense—i.e., saying somebody will do something!
  • Ten sentences must use je as the subject (I will...).
  • Ten sentences must use a different subject.
  • Every sentence must use a different verb! (I would suggest starting with the Chapter 7 Vocab List on p. 265, using all the verbs there, then working backwards through our other vocab lists!)
[25 minutes] Vocab Quiz 10.1 

[30 minutes] Grammar Practice: Future Tense!
  • Each student reads a sentence from his/her original homework; next student translates that sentence.
[25 minutes] New Vocabulary! List 10.2, pp. 358–361
Les Devoirs: Handwrite each vocab word/phrase four times.

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