French 1: Tuesday April 23 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Practice Passé Composé!
  • Write ten sentences, two for each of the following verbs, in the past tense: choisir, finir, perdre, vendre, attendre.
  • Write five sentences, one with each of the following verbs, in the past tense: aider, acheter, essayer, porter, trouver.
  • Use 7.2 Vocab words in at least ten of your sentences and highlight those vocab words!
[20 minutes] Vocab Listening/Speaking Practice!
  • CAH assigns students to three or four groups (no fewer than four students per group).
  • Students play memory game: first says, "À la grande surface, j'ai acheté..." plus one of our vocab words. Student should say the vocab word loudly and clearly and make some physical gesture indicating what the item is. 
  • Next student says, "À la grande surface, j'ai acheté..." plus the item the first student says, plus a new item, and so on. See how far each group can go by memory!
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
  • Each group recognizes the person who can recall the longest list of items; CAH stages a champions round among those top memorizers in front of class.
[20 minutes] Grammar Review! Passé Composé with -ir/-re/-er verbs
  • Three rounds of sentences au tableau: first -er verbs, then ir- verbs, then -re verbs.
[35 minutes] New Grammar: Irregular Passé Composé Verbs! pp. 240 and R27
  • Just as happens in English, some French verbs form irregular past participles.
  • Memorize the 16 irregular past participles on R27. All are fair game on quizzes.
  • Practice with pp. 240–241 Exercises 32, 33, and 34 in class
Les Devoirs: 
  1. Study for Vocab Quiz 7.2, which happens jeudi, la prochaine fois!
  2. Translate the following sentences, most of which involve irregular past participles! You can find time expression hints on p. 242.
    1. The jewelry department had silver chains yesterday evening.
    2. We did some mountain-biking yesterday afternoon.
    3. She did not drink pop last year.
    4. Bob read those five books last week.
    5. Michel lost that gold ring last month
    6. It did not rain yesterday evening.
    7. Were you able to finish this book yesterday morning?
    8. Did you say that (que) you wanted that new wallet?
    9. They wrote those ten stories last year.
    10. These binoculars were on sale yesterday.
    11. I looked for a new belt last week.
    12. The boys took that cooler to the lake last month.
    13. I chose some gloves yesterday
    14. Jean-Pierre did not buy an umbrella yesterday
    15. We were acquainted with four teachers of French.
    16. We did not see our cousins last year.
    17. I was obliged (devoir) to buy that windbreaker last week.
    18. Dad gave Mom that diamond necklace; she wanted a fishing pole.
    19. I did not put my watch in the tent.
    20. I did not know where my purse was yesterday morning.

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