French 2: Monday April 22 2013 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: Vocab Writing 10.2, List 10.2, pp. 358–361:  Handwrite each vocab word/phrase four times.

[5 minutes] Written Grammar Warm-up! Each students picks one -er verb, one -ir verb, and one -re verb, conjugates each in the future tense.

[20 minutes] Oral Vocabulary Practice
  • Students pair and practice with each other. One student says, "Je partirai en voyage à..." and finishes the sentence with a country. Partner says, "Avant de partir en voyage, il te faut..." or "Avant de partir, tu dois..." and follows with a word or phrase from our vocabulary. 
  • Then CAH leads same practice with full group. Each student must say something different from immediately preceding student.
  • CAH follows up with vocab-related questions.
[45 minutes] Grammar Practice: More Future!
  • Each student puts one verb from written warm-up on board.
  • Then students ask each other in sequence, "Qu'est-ce que tu feras demain?" Students respond with sentence using one of verbs on board or on own written practice.
  • Then all students practice with this grid:
Verb Grammar Review!
  • Each student should make a four-by-four grid as follows:

  • présentpassé composé (58, 60)imparfait
    (250, 252)
    verb #1

    verb #2

    reflexive verb
    (162, 174)

    verb of motion

  • With verbs of their choosing, students fill in the grid with sentences showing the same action in these four different temporal forms. Par exemple:

  • présentpassé
    verb #1: boufferMarie bouffe.Marie a bouffé.Marie bouffait.Marie bouffera.
    verb of motion: tomberNous tombons!Nous sommes tombés!Nous tombions!Nous tomberons!
Les Devoirs:
  1. Complete the above 4x4 verb tense grid!
  2. Vocab Practice: Each student writes ten sentences about planning for a trip. 
    1. Pick a country and a city therein.
    2. Use at least ten terms from Vocab List 10.2 to tell us what you will do to get ready for the trip. 
    3. Write all ten sentences in the future tense ("I will buy... I will look for....")

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