French 1: Monday April 15 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Translate the following sentences, paying close attention to proper use of interrogative (quel!) and demonstrative (ce!) pronouns:
  • Which vest is Mr. H. wearing? 
  • Quel gilet porte Monsieur H.? 
  • He's wearing that purple silk vest.
  • Il porte ce gilet en soie violet.
  1. Which blouse do you prefer?
  2. I prefer this white silk blouse.
  3. Which boots do you want?
  4. I want those black leather boots.
  5. Which jacket does Bob like?
  6. Bob likes that blue denim jacket.
  7. Which socks are you wearing to the mountains?
  8. I'm wearing these gray wool socks.
  9. Which shirts do Louis and Frédéric want?
  10. They want those blue linen shirts.
  11. Which sweater are you wearing to the club?
  12. I'm wearing this loose green sweater.
  13. Which pants are you wearing to the party?
  14. I'm wearing those tight black pants.
But first...

[25 minutes] Vocab Quiz 7.1! pp. 222–225!

[25 minutes] Homework on board! Students write the above 14 sentences in corresponding pairs on board for class review.
  • CAH checks homework for completeness and records quiz scores at this time. 
  • Have students correct each other's sentences, then practice pronunciation in dialogue format!
[25 minutes] Introduce last new vocab list! 7.2! 
Les Devoirs: Write all vocab terms covered on pp. 234–237...
  • ...if the vocab words are pictured on pp. 234–235, write them three times and draw a picture to accompany the word!
  • ...write any non-pictured words and phrases four times.

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