French 2: Friday April 12 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Future Tense, pp. 250–251 Exs. 26, 27, and 28. (Yes, as usual, write out the complete sentences.)

[10 minutes] Grammar Review: Read homework sentences aloud, focus on correct endings

[30 minutes] Slightly New Grammar: Irregular Future Forms (p. 252)
  • Various French verbs, like those listed on p. 252, have irregular future stems.
  • Practice irregular forms (see online flashcards here, a list here, another list here)
  • Irregularity in the present (boire, dire, mettre) does not guarantee irregularity in the future... but most verbs that do something freaky in the future also do something freaky in the present.
  • Practice with p. 252 and 253 Exercises #30, 31, 32.
Les Devoirs: Geographical Vocabulary/Grammar Practice! [Juniors gone for D-STEP are exempt from this assignment.]
  1. Pick ten countries from Vocab List 10.1 (don't forget the extra countries on page R21!).
  2. Grab a world map (without any labels on it!) from the Web and hand-label (i.e., use your pen/stylus) the ten countries you have chosen with their names in the French spelling.
  3. Along with those labels, write a sentence for each country saying what you will do (future tense!) in that country.
Also study for Vocab Quiz 10.1, which takes place jeudi, le 18 avril!

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