French 1: Friday February 8 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Vocab Writing Practice! Write all 5.2 vocab listed above four times.

[5 minutes] Oral Warm-up! Weather Conversations!
  • Students go around room asking everyone else, "Quel temps fait-il?"
  • Each student responds with one of the weather phrases on p. 163.
  • The student who asks must respond by acting out that weather (shivering for froid, blowing away for du vent, etc.)
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
[15 minutes] More Oral Practice: Where are you going?
  • CAH/TA lead by asking "Où vas-tu?"
  • Students respond with one of the destinations in our vocab.
  • Each student must give a destination different from previous student's response.
  • After one round, we circulate again, asking same question, same answer allowed. But now we follow up with "Et s'il fait..." some weather condition that might hinder that plan.
  • Students then must follow-up with a back-up plan.
[10 minutes] Writing Practice: Do p. 164 Exs. 21 and 22 au tableau.

[10 minutes] Avoir idioms (p. 170)
  • CAH/TA ask "Ça va?"
  • Students respond with avoir idioms (p. 170) and act them out!
[35 minutes] aller and the futur proche (future tense!) p. 166
  • Review aller conjugation
  • Flesh out futur proche as quick and dirty future tense!
  • Show parallel to English "I'm going to do something."
  • Practice with pp. 166–167 Exs. 27, 28, and 29 writing at desks, then writing answers au tableau.
Les Devoirs: Travel slideshow! Present a slideshow depicting your ideal travel itinerary for the year... tout en français!. Minimum six slides:
  1. First slide: Your name, plus a title.
  2. Second slide: Spring destination, weather, and two activities
  3. Third slide: Summer destination, weather, and two activities
  4. Fourth slide: Fall destination, weather, and two activities
  5. Fifth slide: Winter destination, weather, and two activities
  6. Sixth slide: Summary of trip
  • All slides must have images and French text (at least five words, but no more than ten)!
  • When you talk about talk about the weather and the activities you are going to do, phrase them in the futur proche (p. 166): e.g., for your summer trip, you may say, Il va faire beau. Nous allons aller à la plage (allons aller means "we're going to go")For your winter trip, you may say Il va neiger (note use of infinitive form neiger instead of conjugated for neige). Nous allons faire du snowboard.
  • DUE next time, Feb. 12: text of slides.
  • DUE time after that, Feb. 14: slides to present in class!
And in quiz news:
  1. Vocab Quiz 5.2: Tuesday, Feb. 19
  2. Chapter 5 Grammar Quiz: Thursday, Feb. 21
  3. Chapter 5 Oral Quiz: Thursday, Feb. 21

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