French 3: Tuesday February 26 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!

  1. Study like crazy for Vocab Quiz 5.1 Tuesday, Feb. 26 (aujourd'hui)!
  2. Compose ten sentences using the elements on p. 153 Ex 32 and p. 191 Ex. 10. Highlight the subjunctive verb in each sentence!
[25 minutes] Vocab Quiz 5.1

[20 minutes] Grammar Practice: Subjunctive!
  • Students write homework sentences on board, circling subjunctive forms!
  • CAH checks homework and records quiz grades while students hit the board.
  • Rewrite sentences by changing subjects in the subjunctive clauses!
[25 minutes] Reading and Translation Practice pp. 196–197
  • Read "Les Oies Voyageuses" and "Les parcs publics en France" aloud, once in large group, once in pairs to each other, then again in large group.
  • Translate! Respond to given questions!
[20 minutes] Introduce new vocab: List 5.2! pp. 198–201
  • Écoutez et répétez!
Les Devoirs: Write all vocab words pp. 198–201 four times, including Exprimons-nous and Entre copains!

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