French 3: Tuesday February 5 2013 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: Write a brief (at least five sentences) history of your life (including your future death!) using at least ten terms from Vocab 4.2!
  • Highlight the vocab you use.
  • Be prepared to read these stories aloud for others to listen and translate.
[10 minutes] Verb Tense Practice!
  • Everyone to the board; each students does present, past, imperfect, future, and conditional of the "we" form of one of the verbs from Vocab List 5.2 (note the fine assortment of regular, -cer/-ger, verbs of motion, and reflexive verbs to make the past tense exciting!).
[30 minutes] Reading/Listening Practice
  • Students read future life histories out loud.
  • Fellow students ask questions about each story
[10 minutes] Vocab 4.2 Face-to-face drill!
[40 minutes] Théâtre de vocabulaire!
  • Students pair up to compose and perform skits combining their life-story vocab with the polite expressions on p. 149
  • When presenting (scripts allowed!), students should say with great emphasis the words on this vocab list.
  • Present this class period! For points!
Les Devoirs: rien! mais étudiez fort pour l'examen de vocabulaire 4.2 pp. 146–149

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