French 1: Thursday February 21 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien!... parce que vous avez étudié fort pour les examens!

[30 minutes] Chapter 5 Grammar Quiz!

[60 minutes] Chapter 5 Oral Quiz!

While CAH gives oral quizzes one on one in hallway, students work on the new verb homework!

Les Devoirs: Six New Verbs!
  1. Write out conjugations for these six verbs (taken from the top 100 common French words list we've previously reviewed):
    1. suivre = "to follow; to take (a course)"
    2. prendre = "to take; to have (something to eat)"
    3. croire = "to believe"
    4. penser = "to think"
    5. laisser = "to leave" (as in "I am leaving a book on the table," not "I am leaving for New York!")
    6. donner = "to give"
  2. Translate the following sentences from English into French:
    1. Our teachers give lots of homework.
    2. We believe our brother's story [the French use the same word for story and history].
    3. The dog is following the cat to the beach.
    4. Hey! That girl is taking my bicycle!
    5. I think that (que) you have a great idea.
    6. We are giving bike helmets to the children.
    7. Do you believe the teacher?
    8. We're going to leave our skis in the car.
    9. Mom is going to have/take some coffee.
    10. The students just thought of the answer.
    11. We just left our guitars at the lake.
    12. I am taking (suivre!) a biology class.

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