French 1: Wednesday February 27 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! Mais vous avez étudiez comme fou pour...

[25 minutes] Examen de six verbes: donner, prendre, suivre, laisser, penser, croire!
  • Know how to conjugate each of these six verbs.
  • Know how to translate sentences, English to French, using these six verbs.
[10 minutes] Practice Vocab 6.1 Vocab pronunciation! pp. 184–185, 187, 189
  • Add la crêpe! French students must know the word crêpe!
[40 minutes] Oral Vocab practice!
  • Focus on Exprimons-nous p. 185, esp. manger et boire.
  • Get students to say what they like and don't like for breakfast.
  • Do follow-ups: if students say they like le pain or le toast or le croissant, ask if they like those things avec la confiture, le beurre, le café, etc.
Les Devoirs: Vocab 6.1 Writing and Picture Practice!
  • Write all vocab phrases in Exprimons-nous p. 185, Exprimons-nous p. 187, and Entre copains p. 189 four times.
  • Write all vocab words and phrases in the pictures on pp. 184–185 three times
  • Include la crêpe! French students must know the word crêpe!
  • Alongside all of the nouns for foods and table things, draw or paste a picture that clearly depicts each noun!
  • Do all words and phrases in the order presented on pp. 185–189, not the incomplete alphabetical list on p. 213! 
  • You should have about 59 separate vocab entries.

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