French 3: Thursday February 7 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien!

[25 minutes] l'examen de vocabulaire 4.2 pp. 146–149

[5 minutes] Semester 2 Vocab Survey!

  • Democracy breaks out! CAH takes votes on which chapters we should cover next!
  • Students may vote for the chapters they want to do this semester and the order in which they want to do them by voting in this survey!
  • CAH takes votes through the end of the school day Monday, February 11.
  • CAH will choose the sequence of chapters we do for the rest of the semester based on the cumulative rank scores from this survey.
[60 minutes] Reading Practice!
  • CAH randomly assigns each student one page from pp. 170–179.
  • Students must read, transcribe, and translate their given page... in that order! First read it twice, silently then aloud. Then transcribe the French on the left half of a blank document. Then work up a translation of that text on the right half, trying to keep French-English translations side by side.
  • Translate the words you know first; leave blanks for what you don't know, grind through that material with the dictionary after doing as much as you can with your own brain first.
  • For Pete's sake, don't use Google Translate! Use the glossary, Larousse,, but no service where you type in entire sentences or paragraphs and get machine translations.
Les Devoirs:
  1. By the end of this period (aujourd'hui!), show CAH your transcription.
  2. By the beginning of next period, show CAH your complete translation.

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