French 2: Wednesday February 13 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien!... parce que vous vous occupiez avec les préparations à....

[30 minutes] L'examen de grammaire du Chapitre 5!

  • Know how to translate sentences into French using reflexive verbs (present tense, past tense, and commands).
  • Know how to use tout, toute, tous, and toutes.
[5 minutes] Absurdist Skit make-up time!

[55 minutes] Chapter 5 Oral Quiz
  • one-on-one in the hallway with CAH
  • while not quizzing, students study the new vocab list, 9.1, as chosen by the student vocab survey!
Les Devoirs: Write all vocab words and phrases from List 9.1 (pp. 322–325) four times
  • Don't forget both Exprimons-nous and the Entre copains.

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