French 3: Friday February 22 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Theatre des animaux sauvages!
  • In pairs or trios, prepare a skit discussing some sort of safari or outdoor adventure.
  • Each skit should include at least five wild creatures from our vocab list, as well as phrases from the Exprimons-nous.
  • Each speaker should say at least four sentences.
  • Notes allowed!
[15 minutes] Students present skits!
  • During each skit, have listeners check off vocab words/phrases used!
[10 minutes] Vocab 5.1 Practice: Face-to-Face drill!

[45 minutes] Grammar Practice: Subjunctive!
  • Practice with Ex. 27 p. 150, p. 190–191 Exs. 8, 9.
  • Check out necessity, desire, and emotion phrases requiring subjunctive on p. 152!
  • Do p. 152 Ex. 31 together.
Les Devoirs:
  1. Study like crazy for Vocab Quiz 5.1 Tuesday, Feb. 26!
  2. Compose ten sentences using the elements on p. 153 Ex 32 and p. 191 Ex. 10. Highlight the subjunctive verb in each sentence!

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