French 2: Tuesday February 26 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Write all vocab words in Section 9.2 four times!
  • Words depicted and listed on pp. 322–323
  • Exprimons-nous pp. 323 & 325
  • Entre copains p. 325
[15 minutes] Brain Grammar Warm-up! Students write full conjugation of a chosen verb, then write three relative pronoun sentences: one using qui, on using que, and one using dont.
  • CAH takes points for vocab at this time.
  • Each student puts one conjugation and one sentence on board.
[25 minutes] Listening and Speaking Practice: CAH asks students about favorite TV programs and music genres.

[5 minutes] Listening Practice: Do p. 324 Ex. 20

[15 minutes] Writing and Speaking Practice: Do p. 324 Ex. 21
  • Students write answers.
  • We check answers together.
  • Then students pair up, practice going through the dialogue together.
 Les Devoirs: Skit! Live promo for a television program!
  • Work in pairs or trios.
  • Prepare an ad for any kind of TV program (a series, soap opera, documentary, news program, whatever!).
  • Tell viewers what the show is about, why they must watch!
  • Include "clips" or "scenes" from the show.
  • Props are welcome but not required.
  • At least five sentences from each player are required! 
  • Use this chapter's vocab!
  • Present live in class during second half of period Thursday!

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